RootBridge Variant

RB Heavy 50kN

A heavy duty structure that can support up to a 10 ton axle load. This version is used mainly to enable private roadways through trees or in pedestrianised areas that require emergency vehicle access.

Where can it be used exactly?

The RootBridge system as a system is very adaptable. Different length groundscrews are used to accommodate a wide range of soil conditions and the low overall depth ensures that overall levels are kept as low as possible. This version can be finished with 30x30mm mesh grids or the finished system can be overlaid with paving or asphalt.

 Possible scenarios are as follows:

  • Short lengths of access roads between trees
  • Areas requiring emergency vehicle access
  • Ramping onto a cellular system




1mx1m sections

Loading Capacity

50kN point load/10 ton axle load

Surface finish

Pave or Asphalt over