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Arbor System

Root bridge for existing trees

The value of having mature trees in and around a city environment is priceless. But keeping them protected and healthy has in the past been an expensive and time consuming operation. For example replacing an old, 20m high beech with a crown-diameter of 12m , would involve you having to plant hundreds of young trees. Therefore it is becoming increasingly important to protect mature trees in our cities. Often this would present  a large challenge, to successfully integrate existing trees into  a new project  without damaging the very sensitive root work is a complicated operation.

The Problem

The Solution

To integrate an old tree into a new project would often involve paving over the existing root range or to cover it in some other way. Often the roots of an old tree are relatively near the surface, thus exactly where foundations of new building works are inserted. Many trees will therefore receive severe damage to the roots, which can have deadly consequences to the tree, not to mention additional expense to councils and development companies. Damaged trees and partially broken surfaces due to badly planned tree planting also has a detrimental effect on how the area looks.

The Green Grid root bridge provides a  continuous protective barrier over the tree roots allowing a surface that can be retro-fitted into new developments without damage to existing trees. It offers a loadable under body and directly protects the existing root range from harmful pressure and compression.

Green grid root systems

Green Grid Systems

Root Protection For Trees

Green Grid System’s root protection bridge makes covering and paving of existing root ranges possible. Soil compaction is avoided, so that the necessary oxygen supply is not hampered. At the same time the root bridge serves as a stable sub-construction which allows the area surrounding the tree to be weight bearing. Previously this would have been impossible without damaging the tree roots. By the very low structure height of only 75mm, Green Grid is the best way to protect roots near the surface whilst having minimal impact on your building/development project!

Green Grid consists of a modular steel lattice construction, which sits on screwed in foundations. The foundation screws are inserted approximately 2 meters into the soil. This procedure protects the roots since the screws do not involve having to dig because they are placed between the roots. Any subsequent loads are absorbed by the structure rather than the tree roots.

The root bridge is suitable for up to 15kN wheel loads. Higher wheel loads are possible, if the ground condition meets the criteria. Therefore a soil appraisal is recommended when high loads are anticipated.

Green grid root systems
  • Continuous surfacing over existing root ranges

  • Standard structure allows to 15kN wheel load

  • Foundations are screwed in – no concrete within the sensitive root range

  • Simple installation around existing roots by flexible placement of the screwing foundations

  • Low structure height (only 75mm) is suitable for root presence near the surface

  • With optional openings for depth ventilation

  • Modular system, endlessly expandable

Green grid root systems
Green grid root systems

Examples of Green Grid Root Protection System

Green Grid around tree

External dimensions: 500 x 500cm consisting of :

12 longitudinal beams 2m

6 longitudinal beams 1m

24 grid modules 100 x 100cm

2 4m² geotextile

Green grid root systems

Green Grid Root Bridge Next To Tree

( for example, cycling or sidewalk )

External dimensions: 500 x 200cm consisting of :

6 longitudinal beam 2m

3 longitudinal beams 1m

10 grid modules 100 x 100cm

10m² geotextile


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