Innovative Tree Root Systems

About Green Grid Systems

Who we are

Green Grid Systems brings together a focused team of individuals who are working to respond to the needs of existing trees in the urban environment.

With a history of working with trees and shrubs and an understanding of the value they provide, we are working to provide and develop lasting and effective tree protection methods for use in the industry.

We at Green Grid are held together by our vision of providing protection for tree roots globally. This gives us high standards, which are reflected in a committal to our key values of loyalty, integrity and quality. With our understanding for the green environment we strive to ensure trees are preserved for future generations.

What we do

From our distribution hub in Winchester we supply products and solutions focused on the protection of tree roots. Concentrating solely on existing and mature trees, the RootBridge product has been developed, which offers a no-dig, no-soil compaction solution, while capable of supporting a high load. We also supply Geocellular geosynthetic solutions as well as load spreading plastic grids to fit the wide range of situations where tree protection is needed.

A comprehensive solution for the ongoing preservation of all trees

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