Urban Tree Sustainability

Innovated Tree Root Protection

Providing adept solutions focused on the preservation of existing trees in urban areas

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Urban Tree Sustainability

The RootBridge System

A unique load supporting system designed for construction in the root protection area to prevent soil compaction and root damage to trees.

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Innovative Tree Root Protection

Root Protection for Existing Trees

The value of having mature trees in and around a city environment is priceless.

As an example, trees play an important role in converting CO2 into oxygen as a process during photosynthesis. This is particularly valuable in urban areas as there is often a higher concentration of people as well as higher numbers of pollutants. As the value of mature trees has become clearer, so has awareness of the need to preserve them. Protecting the root network is a critical step towards preserving the benefit and ensuring their long term survival.

Sustained Trees

The Root Bridge Solution

Sustained Trees

The Root Bridge Solution



A final surface finish of mesh grids, which can be overlaid with block paving, asphalt or resin bound.

Mesh Grid

The low profile height ensures minimal impact on the surrounding area. Mesh grids ensure that maximum strength can be achieved for the minimum depth. Mesh panels also allow the free transfer of water and air with the soil below.

Steel Grillage

A framework of steel T-section beams support the grids above. This allows the system to fly over the rootzone and effectively bridge the root area.

Ground Screws

S355 grade hot-dip galvanized groundscrews are screwed in to form a solid low-impact no-dig foundation.

Root Zone (RPA/RPZ)

The area around the base of a tree containing sufficient root volume to ensure the future well-being of the tree in the event of nearby soil disturbance. It is calculated according to guidelines in BS 5837 (2012)
For the ongoing preservation of all trees

A Comprehensive Tree Preservation Solution

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Why Choose Green Grid Systems?

Quick look at RootBridge®

Green Grid System’s root protection bridge makes the covering and paving of existing root areas possible.

  • Continuous surfacing over existing root area
  • Standard structure allows up to 15kN wheel load
  • Simple installation around existing roots by flexible placement of the screwing foundations – no concrete within the sensitive root area
  • Low structure height (only 75mm) is suitable for root presence near the surface
  • Zero soil compaction in the RPA
  • Modular system, endlessly expandable
  • Prevents uplift from growing tree roots
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