Urban Tree Sustainability

The RootBridge® System

A unique load supporting system designed for construction in the root protection area to prevent soil compaction and root damage to trees.

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Green Grid Systems

Protection for Existing Trees

Green Grid System’s root protection bridge makes the covering and paving of the root protection area possible.

Trees and their roots are very sensitive to soil conditions. Soil compaction in the RPA is one of the main factors to affect an individual tree's health and longevity, as water and air are prevented from reaching the roots. RootBridge serves as a stable sub-construction that bridges the RPA, enabling heavy loads to be carried without compacting the soil underneath. This high load bearing capability along with a low structure height makes for an excellent solution to protect tree roots whilst having minimum impact on the development/building project.

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Green Grid Systems

The Problem

Integrating an existing tree into a new project often involves paving over the existing root range or compromising it in some other way.

Typically the roots of a mature tree are relatively near the surface of the soil, and have spread a good distance from the trunk, these often conflicting with the proposed foundations of a new building or roadway. Many trees in this situation suffer damage to the roots as a result, typically compaction, which can have terminal consequences for the tree.

Dead and dying trees can incur removal costs, and damaged trees and partially broken surfaces due to badly planned tree integration also has a detrimental effect on how the area looks.

Green Grid Systems

The Solution

The Green Grid RootBridge provides a continuous protective barrier over the tree roots.

In order to prosper, trees need a consistent environment of uncompacted soil with the natural supply of water and air left unimpeded, ensuring the soil can remain healthy to provide good conditions for the tree.

Our RootBridge system provides this, as it effectively bridges the RPA with a steel lattice framework to directly protect the existing root range from harmful pressure and compression. This framework houses the mesh grids, which ensure natural water relations are maintained, and the steel structure gives it the strength to support dynamic loads up to 30 ton.

This system can be retro-fitted into new developments without damage to the RPA making it a permanent and effective solution to protect from soil compaction and root heave around existing trees.

Loading Capacities

RootBridge Variants

Pedestrian 3.5kN

The thinnest version, designed for use in pedestrianised areas.

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Light 15kN

Designed for areas carrying light vehicular traffic, suitable for an axle load of 2.5 ton.

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Extra Heavy 57kN

The strongest RootBridge variant, able for axle loads of up to 11 ton.

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