New Access Roads for a Development in York

RB heavy duty used to create a driveway for nine dwellings and a public house at a project in York.

Rootbridge heavy duty is designed for overrun by vehicles up to 30 ton. This made it the solution of choice for a development in York, where planning constraints called for the protection of three mature and established lime trees. The access roads connect the existing highway to the development, and consist of two 10m sections at a slight gradient into the site.

Due to the gradient, our pivot system was used, which allows flexible adjustment in the final angle (based on the pile heights) and contributes to greater flexibility in the pile placement. The system here used 148 piles and has an approx. combined weight of 10 ton. The piles lift the entire structure off of the ground to ensure there is no compaction in the RPA, and anchor the system to the ground ensuring the roadway won’t be pushed up over time due to growing tree roots.

The steel frame of the system was overlaid with block paving following the install, and curved edging was supplied to support the paving and provide the form for the finished road. As the system is raised off the ground, soil will be ramped up to the edging to hide the steelwork, or the levels around brought up depending on the tree officers decision.

The final structure is completely porous - water can flow between the joints in the paving, through the grit base and the membrane, then out through the mesh grids that sit on the beams. This ensures the construction has minimal impact on the trees and their environment.

NB: More pictures will follow to show completed roadways at a later date.