New driveway in Kidlington

RB heavy duty used to create a driveway for two new dwellings in Kidlington, Oxford.

 Driveways and access roads often need to pass close to mature trees to get to areas of land for new developments. In this project, the new driveway passes near a mature tree that required protection as a planning condition.

RB VHD 57kN was chosen to allow access for all vehicles whilst protecting the soil from compaction and compression forces. The standard groundscrew base was installed first, followed by the top section, which was securely fixed to this to ensure there is no movement in the finished roadway; regardless of the forces above and potentially beneath (growing roots) the system. Shaped angle grids were used to form a corner in the driveway, and edging bolted to the outside flange of the t-beams provided a channel in which to cement the edging stones.

The system will be paved over to match the rest of the driveway and provides a rigid and firm base within the RPA while not impeding the natural transfer of moisture and air with the soil below.