Green Grid Solution

Trunk Protecta®

The Trunk Protecta® has been developed to provide an easy-to-install and effective solution to protect the trunk from abrasion and accidental damage from vehicles and construction traffic. Trunk wounds that penetrate the bark will damage the cambium layer, a thin layer of vascular tissue, which is vital for the movement of water and nutrients around the tree.

The standard level of protection is 1.2m, a higher level protection can be achieved using the 1.8m variant. The product acts as an abrasion and impact resistant protective
barrier over the tree bark, stopping wounds and tear injuries that could allow disease and decay to enter the tree. The Trunk Protecta® is designed for use on trees at
roadside site entrances, or on trees located near roadways with passing traffic. These are areas where it is not possible to fence off the tree, or where ground protection
and vehicles are present in the root protection area.

The Protecta is made from waterproof canvas to prevent the unit from holding water and starting rot. The canvas is hi-vis orange and banded with two stripes of reflective
tape to ensure it is highly visible, even in low light situations.
The Protecta can be used on trees with a diameter (DBH) between 100-160cm. Quick release straps enable the Protecta to be tightened for the smaller trees, and multiple Protectas can be used for trees larger than 160cm.