RootBridge Variant

RB Light 15kN

Designed for areas that only carry light vehicular traffic the light duty version of RootBridge is capable of supporting vehicles with a 3 ton axle load and maintains a very low structure height. This version is the most cost effective, balancing capability and price.

Where can it be used exactly?

The RootBridge system as a system is very adaptable. Different length groundscrews are used to accommodate a wide range of soil conditions and the low overall depth ensures that overall levels are kept as low as possible. This version can be finished with heel-safe mesh grids for a contemporary look or the finished system can be overlaid with paving or asphalt.

 Possible scenarios are as follows:

  • Short stretches of car only access roads between trees
  • Car parking spaces
  • Pedestrianised areas that need vehicular capability




1mx1m sections

Loading Capacity

15kN point load/3 ton axle load

Surface finish

Heel-safe mesh or pave over