RootBridge Variant

RB Pedestrian 3.5kN

There are areas in the cities, in urban areas where a lot of people traverse the streets. These areas, being the hotspots for people movement are often designed around the trees which soften the hard landscaping, bring cooling benefits and to give the area a pleasant look and feel. Integrating with trees amongst this continuous area of footfall however can be tricky as space needs to be maximized as well as consideration given for the needs of the tree. The pedestrian version of RootBridge comes into its own here, providing a thin bridge over the RPA (65mm total depth) and suitable to take heavy pedestrian loading.

Where can it be used?

The RootBridge system as a system is very adaptable. Different length groundscrews are used to accommodate a wide range of soil conditions and the low overall depth ensures that overall levels are kept as low as possible. This version can be finished with heel-safe mesh grids for a contemporary look or can be overlaid with paving or asphalt.

 Possible scenarios are as follows:

  • Walkways between trees
  • Around trees in paved areas such as city centres
  • Use with pavements
Depth 65mm
Configuration 1mx1m sections
Loading capacity 3.5kN point load/pedestrian only
Surface finish Heel-safe mesh, pave over or GRP