A Selection of Our Work

Case Studies

New driveway in Kidlington

RB 57kN to allow access to the two new properties.

New Access Roads for a Development in York

RootBridge 50kn HD system with block paving finish.

New Driveway for Housing Development

RB extra heavy was used in conjuction with Geocells to create a driveway through a grove of trees. This allows access for vehicles up to 30 ton.

Beam base for a Carport and Patio

A steel beam structure to provide a zero soil compaction base in the RPA of a mature beech tree.

Parking Bays by Existing Tree

Two trees needed protecting in a carparking environment - Rootbridge was used to make the parking spaces possible.

System Over Roots by Cafe Area

The Rootbridge system can be tarmacked or paved over, to provide a seamless finish

Building Root Protection

Used to bridge a gap between a new roadway and existing hardsurfacing. Zero soil compaction

Staircase Leading Past Existing Tree

The Light Duty version used to provide a sturdy base for a staircase.

More coming soon...